Estate Planning Made Easy

Estate Planning Made Easy

In a nutshell, estate planning is really what you want done with what you own. The good news is, you can provide for the people that are important to you – and perhaps some favorite causes – by taking simple steps now. At the law firm of William O. Boyd, P.A., it is our desire to guide you in creating your plan for the future. We hope to show you how easy, and satisfying the planning process can be by following these simple steps:

1.  DETAIL YOUR ASSETS – One of the best tools to help you with this one is our “Estate Planning Work Sheet”. We will be happy to get one to you. Just contact us at one of our phone numbers, email us, or submit your request on the “Contact Us” form you will find elsewhere on this page. Also, with our Estate Planning Work Sheet in hand, the remaining steps will be a lot easier.

2.  ORGANIZE YOUR ESTATE – The Estate Planning Work Sheet is a fill-in-the-blank guide that walks you through the process of gathering information about your family, your values and goals and what you own (your estate).

3. WRITE DOWN QUESTIONS – Consider practical questions, such as, “Should I give my adult son and daughter immediate, lump sum distributions after my death, or should distributions be made  incrementally?”, or, “What if I gave them the house, what will they do with it?” If you come up with a question you can’t seem to find a solution for, make a note and we will cover it with you during our consultation.

4. REVIEW YOUR PLANS – Think about who should you appoint to handle your financial affairs or make health care decisions for you should you become either mentally or physically incapacitated? Under what circumstances would you want efforts to artificially prolong your life be stopped? Who should be the administrator of your estate at your death?

5. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT – The next step is to “JUST DO IT®!” Call us and make an appointment for a complementary initial consultation. Bring the information you have gathered on the Estate Planning Work Sheet and the questions you have for us. We can then design a will or trust and related documents that will achieve your goals. The plan is then completed through a simple signing process.

6. UPDATE YOUR PLAN – Estate planning is not a “one and done” process. We recommend that an estate plan be reviewed at least every three years, or sooner if you relocate to another state. Laws can differ from state to state, or perhaps the laws in your home state have been changed since you last updated your estate plan. You should also have your estate plan reviewed as your life changes. Marriages, births, divorces, and deaths are all events that may make you want you to revise your plans.

By following these simple steps, you will find that estate planning really isn’t too complicated. The peace of mind and comfort you will realize knowing that you have a plan in place to provide for and take care of yourself and your loved ones far exceed the effort it will take to created your plan. Call or email us today so that we can help you start this vital process.